Genetic Supplier to New Studs


We were fortunate that in 2010 when we first began to look at Speckle Park genetics, one of the first people we spoke to was Mark Pointon.

Since then we have purchased embryos and livestock.

We visited his stud, inspected his genetics, and as a result recommended additional stock purchases to a close associate.

The quality of the cattle we inspected and the range of genetics makes purchasing relatively uncomplicated and saved hundreds of miles of travel.

Marks advice and willingness to share genetic information has been of enormous help in establishing our Stud.




Blane Paton; Victorian Speckle Park

Speckle Park offer an alternative

We have bred Murray Greys for the last 30 years and were looking for a suitable British breed to cross with our Commercial Murray Greys to complement their carcass traits. The breed had to cope with our cold climate at Blayney and have an easy doing ability while providing the added boost of hybrid vigour.We found what we looking for in Speckle Park Cattle and after discussing our requirements with Mark Pointon, our Speckle Park Breeding Program began. The resultant calves we found impressive, the calves showed great vitality from birth, were quick to their feet and to find milk, so important in our cold climate. They had remarkable consistency and market readiness.
Mark has a thorough understanding of his animals and the importance of getting the right mix of genetics to suit the market. He has a passion to see his stock go on and perform for clients particularly in commercial situations, the sale doesn’t end at the gate.
Almarlea has been a dominant force in the Speckle Park Show ring since the breed’s inception. After starting with imported genetics like everyone it’s pleasing to see their quick progression to utilizing their own genetics rather than continuing to rely on imports.
It been a pleasure dealing with Mark and Almarlea Speckle Park. 


Marcus & Jenny McMahon

Achieving the right outcome for Breeders.

In early October 2015 I contacted Mark Pointon of Almarlea Stud as I was interested in buying two Speckle Park heifers. I had done a lot of research on the internet and came to the conclusion that I wanted two black heifers with a white point bull put over them, that way I would end up with two classics or nicely coloured animals and it would be a cost effective way to get started breeding pure bred speckle parks.

I have owned a small acreage for 15 years and bred a few cows before so have a little bit of experience of the whole process. The idea of breeding pure bred speckle parks really appealed to me as it would be a great hobby in my early retirement (55). 

I thoroughly explained my situation and needs to Mark and he was very attentive at listening. He choose two blacks for me from his stock and they have great breed lines. I had done my research, so I was happy with the choices we made. 

Mark and I had many conversations either via email or phone and eventually I decided I would like to try his new bull Codiak Amigo GNK 65Y as it was a good outcross for genetics in Australia. 

Mark is a great communicator and willing to spend a fair amount of time answering questions and entering into discussion. I must add he was very patient with me and kept me up to date on the progress of the AI and pregnancy tests etc 

My speckle parks arrived early February 2015 and I am very pleased with them. Both heifers have great temperament and looked in great health after a rather lengthy journey on the truck. Some of the local cattle breeders have popped by to have a look as there are not that many SPs around the Bega Valley Shire. Sure enough, they all said they were fine looking animals!

After delivery Mark rang to check that I was happy with them. To be honest ecstatic. I subscribe to Mark’s facebook page and today I discussed with him that I will drive up to the Canberra Royal Show as I am interested to meet him in person, look over his amazing speckles and keep my fingers crossed that he comes in again with some great awards.


I am looking forward to some great speckles being calved on my property and a long term association with Almarlea Stud. The last thing I will say is “He is a top bloke”.



Cassandra Grace Moulen Bega Valley Shire

Breeding quality Speckle Park cattle

When you hit 60 years of age, you dream about your bucket list.  Well, I only had one wish and that was to have some land of my own for retirement.  With a small amount of farming experience in dairy, pigs and thoroughbred horses, I found this dream parcel of land just outside the township of Oberon and before you know it, the Linford family were farm land owners in April 2012. Initially, we were unsure of what sort of farming we would undertake until we attended Speckle Park Central open day in May 2012.  It was bitterly cold day and by day’s end we were the proud owners of 3 quality pure bred Speckle Park heifers.  We were off and running. 12 months rolled on with little advancement in our cattle enterprise, and then we met the Pointon family, Alex, Mark & Leanne.  Everything changed once Mark commenced mentoring me in cattle, especially the Speckle Park breed.  Today, almost 3 years after our first purchase, we have 11 pure bred cows and / or heifers, as well as 5 young bulls.  None of this would have occurred had it not been for Mark.  Many more pure bred speckles are due this year. In 2014, we bred 7 speckles, 2 of which are in a “Show Team”.  This was not initially on my bucket list.  However, with the assistance of Mark and Chris Garvin, it has become possible.  Results would be nice, but to be able to have quality show stock in less than three years of starting this venture, it is an extremely satisfying outcome for the Linford family.   Our stud is called Glengarry Speckle Park, named after my grandparent’s dairy farm in Victoria.  Our aim now is to build one of the finest “Speckle Park Cattle Studs” in Australia. Our Speckle Park story is just starting and, without Mark’s and his family’s guidance, especially with the genetics, we would not be in the position that we are in today.  It is not hard to see why ALMARLEA Speckle Park Stud is a leading producer of quality Speckle Park cattle.   Many thanks Mark, Leanne and Alex.

Gary & Colleen Linford