Speckle Park

For Sale

We will be offering heifers, joined heifers and bulls at the 2nd Speckles in the Capital sale. Sale to be held at the SELX and conducted by AGCO in September 2022.

Speckle Park Bulls for Sale

Almarlea will be offering Speckle Park bulls for sale at the Southern Success Speckle Park Sale to be held on November 9th 2021. Updates to follow.

Almarlea now has a number of bulls for sale. This represents our latest breeding and some of the best Speckle Park genetics available. This is also the first time progeny from  sale in Australia. This is your chance to be at the forefront of Speckle Park breeding in Australia. Contact us for details

 2020 Sires include

  • MX El Guapo
  • MX Dirty Deeds
  • ASP Untapped N9

 2019 Sires include

  • Wolf Lake Bob
  • MX El Guapo
  • MX Dirty Deeds
  • JSF Wallstreet
  • Almarlea J100 Walker M3
2018 Sires 
  • Almarlea J100 Walker M3
  •  Minnamurra Leander L81
  • Almarlea Lacerta M11
  • Codiak Spencer
  • JSF Continental 9C
  • Almarlea Walker K12
  • HS Untapped
  • JSF Unmarked


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Sales; Speckle Park females for sale

Speckle Park females for sale, your next opportunity to purchase Almarlea Speckle Park at auction is at the Speckles in the Capital Sale to be held at SELX and conducted by AGCO Yass.

 Speckle Park females for sale; The following females will be offered at the Capital sale to be on the 18th September at Yass SELX. ASP j201 has just calved with a white heifer calf at foot. Lot 62 and 65 are due to calve in the next 4 weeks.

Lot 60; ASP F142

Lot 62; ASP J201

Lot 65; ASP L91


Speckle Park Sales Catalogue;

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Sales, Speckle Park Semen for Sale

Almarlea offers for Speckle Park semen for sale and collected from our elite sires. Please check our semen sires list for current availability.

Almarlea Speckle Park have a wealth of knowledge in Artificial insemination and Embryo production. Our semen is collected on farm by a qualified veterinarian. Semen is collected and stored under liquid nitrogen. We supply semen in 0.5 ml straws with a aim of approximately 20 million live sperm per straw. We carry out morphological assessments for minor and major sperm defects.  A progressive motility percentage of more than 75% is required. Our semen will not be frozen if more than 25% defects are detected which is the international standard.

Almarlea engages the services and is proud to be associated with Embryo Life. Embryo-life is a specialist Bovine Embryo Transfer (ET) and Artificial Insemination Practice owned and operated by the very experienced registered Veterinarian, Dr. Udo Mahne.


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Speckle Park Embryos for Sale

Embryo flushing is used for multiplying valuable or rare genetics. Selected cows and heifers are flushed with the intention to produce more than one calf per year. Almarlea uses embryo transfer of elite females that meet our selection criteria. This enables us to produce stock at the top end of the Speckle park breed and speed up genetic gain. This allows us to offer for sale elite genetics at the forefront of the breed.

Embryo Transfer

  • This is a process of flushing out the fertilised seven day old embryo's from the donor cows.
  • these can be transferred fresh (within 8 hours of collection) or frozen if this is not possible. 
  • Pregnancy diagnosis is best done at 6-8 weeks after the transfer of embryo’s. Placental implantation only occurs around 42 days.
  • Pregnancy diagnoses should be done by an experienced veterinarian/technician.
  • Embryos can be frozen for many many years and do not seem to deteriorate over time as long as they are suspended in liquid nitrogen.


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