Breaking News. Speckles in the Capital Sale. Almarlea will be offering 3 Stud Females, Speckle Park semen and embryos will be offered for sale at the 2021 Speckles in the Capital Sale conducted at the SELX. Sale will be conducted by Agstock of Yass.

 Semen Lots on offer

  • Lot 56 and Lot 57, 5 Semen straws of Wolf Lake Bob 24E for each lot
  • Lot 58, 5 Straws of JSF Unmarked 2D
  • Lot 59 , 5 Straws of Moovin Zpotz Avenger 28A

Embryo's for Sale

  • Lot 102 3 embryo's, Petemar Special Edition 2D x Almarlea Lacey 61Y K23
  • Lot 103 3 Embryo's Minnamurra Leander L81 x Almarlea Lacey 61Y K23



Clean Sweep at Bathurst Royal 2012

April 2012

Almarlea continued with show ring sucess with a clean sweep of all the major broad ribbons at the 2012 Bathurst royal show.

Almarlea was awarded the following broad ribbons:

  • Almarlea 21K E7 was named Supreme Champion of the Breed at the 2012 Bathurst Royal.
  • Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7 also picked up Senior and grand champion bull
  • Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156 was Junior Champion
  • Almarlea 68L Lightning Lady taking out the Senior Champion Female
  • Almarlea 68L Melissa F49 being the Junior Champion Female and Grand Champion female