Breaking News. Speckles in the Capital Sale. Almarlea will be offering 3 Stud Females, Speckle Park semen and embryos will be offered for sale at the 2021 Speckles in the Capital Sale conducted at the SELX. Sale will be conducted by Agstock of Yass.

 Semen Lots on offer

  • Lot 56 and Lot 57, 5 Semen straws of Wolf Lake Bob 24E for each lot
  • Lot 58, 5 Straws of JSF Unmarked 2D
  • Lot 59 , 5 Straws of Moovin Zpotz Avenger 28A

Embryo's for Sale

  • Lot 102 3 embryo's, Petemar Special Edition 2D x Almarlea Lacey 61Y K23
  • Lot 103 3 Embryo's Minnamurra Leander L81 x Almarlea Lacey 61Y K23



Speckles in the Capital Sale, females for sale

September 2021

We are pleased to be participating in the inaugural 2021 Speckles in the Capital Speckle Park sale to be held at the SELX in Yass. For more details go to

Canberra 2015 success

March 2015

Almarlea Speckle Park had a very successful showing at Canberra Show with the stud winning the following broad ribbons. 

  • Reserve Junior Female Almarlea F156 Reba J24
  • Junior Champion Female Almarlea E7 Lacey K4
  • Grand Champion Female Almarlea E7 Lacey K4
  • Junior Champion Bull Almarlea F156 Lacerta J32
  • Breeders Group
  • Sires Progeny F156

All of our Canberra show string was sired from our show champion bull string Almarlea F156 and Almarlea E7 which we have used in our Stud and are now out working in commercial herds. 

Grand Champion Bull 3rd year in a row at Royal Easter Show

April 2013

Great results again this year from the Armarlea Stud at the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show.

  • Reserve Champion Female Almarlea 68L Mellissa F49
  • Junior Champion Bull Almarlea E6 Kingsley H60
  • Senior Champion Bull Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156
  • Grand Champion Bull Almarlea  68G Lacerta F156
  • Sires Progeny winner


Canberra Success 2013

January 2013

Almarlea Speckle Park first show of the new year, and what results!

  • Reserve Champion Senior Bull Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156
  •  Grand Champion Female Almarlea 68L Melissa F48
  • Reserve Champion Senior Female Almarlea 68L Melissa F49
  • Supreme Speckle Park Exhibit  Almarlea 68L Melissa F48
  • Breeders Group Winner

Almarlea 68L Melissa F48 went on to compete in the interbreed and Placed 4th, a great result for our stud.

Bathurst 2013

April 2013

Amazing results were achieved at the Royal Bathurst Show for our team. We achieved a clean sweep on all the broad ribbons.

  • Senior Champion Bull Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156
  • Senior Champion Female Almarlea 68L Melissa F49
  • Junior Champion Bull Almarlea E6 Kingsley H60
  • Grand Champion Bull Almarlea E6 Kingsley H60
  • Grand Champion Female Almarlea 68L Melissa F49
  • Supreme Speckle Park Exhibit Almarlea 68L Melissa F49

Premier Beef Breeder Award at Sydney Royal Easter Show 2012

May 2012

In an outstanding show for Almarlea Speckle Park the following broad ribbons were achieved

  • Grand Champion Bull - this time with Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156. He won the Junior Champion Bull title and Supreme Exhibit.
  • Our senior bull Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7 was Reserve Senior Champion Bull.
  • Senior Champion Female was our Almarlea 68L Lightning Lady,
  • Junior Reserve Champion was Almarlea 68L Melissa F49.
  • Premier Beef Breeder Award.

Overall, Speckle Central won the Most Successful Beef Exhibitor.

Great results again this year for Almarlea Speckle Park Stud at the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show.

New Canadian Sires for 2015

April 2015

Almarlea Speckle Park Stud has imported semen from HS Untapped 3A and JSF Trade Secret 11A into Australia from the Johner Stock Farm Stud in Canada. HS Untapped was Grand Champion Bull at  Canadian Western Agribition show for 2014. He offers current leading genetics out of Canada.

Trade secret offers genetic diversity, his sire comes from the Redneck Ranch Herd and his Dam from Monnery herd. Both of these sires will add muscle to the herd.

We will be  using these Sires as part of bull battery in our A' I and embryo programs in 2015. Please check our semen page for semen availability of these sires. 

Almarlea achieves interbreed success at Melbourne Royal Show

September 2011

Almarlea Stud capped of a stellar 2011 in the show ring taking home the broad ribbon for Supreme Interbreed Heifer with 68L Melissa E47 (ET) at the Royal Melbourne Show . This is a first for the breed in Australia and world wide.

  • Grand Champion female and Supreme Exhibit within the Speckle Park breed with 68L Melissa E47 (ET).
  • Almarlea Lacerta 21k E7 won Senior Bull and Grand Champion Bull for the Speckle Park breed.
  • Almarlea took home the Breeders Group broad ribbon.
  • Supreme Interbreed Heifer with 68l Melissa E47 (ET).

Speckle Park success continues at Sydney

March 2015

The Sydney Royal Easter Show for the Speckle Park breed has just been completed for 2015. This year 39 head competed with each category well represented and consisted of Speckle Park Studs from New South Wales and the Hanging Rock Speckle Park Stud travelling from Victoria.

Almarlea Speckle Park Stud competed for the fifth consecutive year. This year we took 4 Juniors out of our young show string and picked up several Broad ribbons. This was a great result for a young team and follows on from our Canberra show success.

  • Reserve Junior Female with Almarlea E7 Lacey K14
  • Sires progeny with Almarlea Lacerta F156
  • We also achieved placing's with our other  female and bulls

Almarlea genetics also made a strong showing with the following results; 

  • Dingo Creek Speckle Park exhibiting the Junior Champion Bull which was Sired by Almarlea Kinsley H60
  • Rosehill Speckle Parks placing second in the sires progeny with Almarlea Lacerta E7
  • There were numerous placing's with Almarlea genetics featuring in them

Congratulations to these exhibitors and thankyou for using Almarlea genetics in your breeding programs.



Almarlea Speckle Park Stud picks up Broad Ribbons at Melbourne

September 2012

Almarlea had a great event, with our team taking home the following major awards:

  • Senior Champion Female - Almarlea 68L Melisa F48(E.T)
  • Senior Champion Bull - Almarlea 68G Lacerta (E.T)

Almarlea has Success At Dubbo Beef Spectacular

March 2012

Almarlea had a successful showing at this year Dubbo Beef Spectacular. Almarlea picked up 3 broad and backs up the successes from last year.

  • Grand Champion Bull - Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7!
  • Senior Champion Bull  - Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7 .
  • Junior Champion Bull -. Junior Sire Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156
  •  Reserve Junior Champion Speckle Park Female - Almarlea Melissa F49.

Sydney Royal Easter Show success 2011

April 2011

Almarlea Lacerta E7 (pictured) was awarded Grand Champion Bull at the 2011 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

He was also awarded the Supreme Speckle Park Exhibit and the Champion Speckle Park Bull.

The heifer, Almarlea Pho-Finish E9 was awarded Junior Champion Speckle Park Female.

Almarlea Speckle Park also won the Breeders Group.

Codiak Amigo 65Y Joins the Almarlea Stud

May 2012

Almarlea Stud along with Waratah Speckle Park Stud have purcahased the promising young sire Codiak Amigo 65Y from the recent Summit 3 sale held in Canada. We will be collecting semen and importing this outcross sire into Australia. He will be the first Sire in Australia to carry the Legacy Speckle Park Stud genetics in our country. Details of Codiak Amigo can be found on our sires page.

Clean Sweep at Bathurst Royal 2012

April 2012

Almarlea continued with show ring sucess with a clean sweep of all the major broad ribbons at the 2012 Bathurst royal show.

Almarlea was awarded the following broad ribbons:

  • Almarlea 21K E7 was named Supreme Champion of the Breed at the 2012 Bathurst Royal.
  • Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7 also picked up Senior and grand champion bull
  • Almarlea 68G Lacerta F156 was Junior Champion
  • Almarlea 68L Lightning Lady taking out the Senior Champion Female
  • Almarlea 68L Melissa F49 being the Junior Champion Female and Grand Champion female




Almarlea reigns Supreme at first show apprearance

March 2011

Almarlea competed at the 2011 ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show, this was our first major show for our Stud and we achieved outstanding results.

  • Almarlea Lacerta E7 took out the Supreme Speckle Park Exhibit. 
  • Grand Champion Speckle Park bull went Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7 
  • Almarlea 21K Lacerta E7 was named Junior Champion Speckle Park Bull.
  • Almarlea Pho-Finish E9 was awarded Junior Champion Speckle Park Female, and went on to win Grand Champion Speckle Park Female.
  • Almarlea Speckle Park took the honours in winning the Breeders Group.

Dubbo Beef Spectacular success

March 2011

Almarlea travelled to the Beef Spectacular held at Dubbo in Central NSW. Almarlea achieved some  good results picking up 2 reserve champions.

  •  Almarlea Lacerta E7 was awarded Reserve Champion Junior Speckle Park bull
  • Almarlea Pho-Finish E9 was awarded Reserve Champion Junior Speckle Park Female.
  • Almarlea Speckle Park won the Breeders Group.

Strong showing at Orange Agricultural Show.

March 2011

 Almarlea Speckle park travelled to the Orange Agricultural show and came away with the following ribbons. 

  • Reserve Grand Champion All Breeds with Almarlea Lacerta E7,
  • Junior Champion Speckle Park Bull was Almarlea Lacerta E7
  • Almarlea Speckle Park also won the Breeders Group.

2014 ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show success

February 2014

Almarlea achieved great results again at the 2014 ActewAGL Canberra Royal Show.

  • Almarlea E6 Kingsley H60 took out the reserve Champion bull and follows on from winning the Junior champion bull at Sydney Royal Easter show in 2013.
  • Almarlea 68L Amy's Girl took out Senior Champion female. 

Lardner Grass Fed Steer Success

January 2015

 Speckle Park x Low Line  

Ian Milne Principle of the Clan Stud entered a pair of Speckle Park x Lowline bred steers into this prestigious event with great success. The event is run over 5 months on grass only and the scores of both animals are combined to get a result. The event had 72 entries this year. This was Ian's first entry into this event which make the achievement only more satisfying.

The pair of steers is the ONLY breed with a top 6 result in 4 out of the 5 categories.

  •  5th % weight gain (36 pair)     
  • 5th Carcase competition     
  • 2nd individual  % weight gain (72 steers)    
  • 4th  EMA points        

      Wonderful result for Speckle Park x Lowline cattle - the ONLY breed with a top 6 finish in 4 out 5 categories