Almarlea Speckle Park is creating an elite herd of Speckle Park cattle in Australia. We are achieving this through selecting our best Speckle Park females from our breeding program to enter our embryo flushing programs. We then select the best Speckle Park bulls available, searching nationally and internationally looking for Speckle Park genetics that fit our criteria. This allows us to continue to advance our herd and offer our customers genetic progress with genetic diversity that is ahead of the average Speckle Park herd.

Creating client wealth through Almarlea blood lines is our business.

  • Our selection criteria results in our competitive advantage.
  • Embryo transfer programs improve our rate of genetic gain.
  • Maximize hybrid vigour using a Speckle Park Bull.
  • Almarlea sets the benchmark in the show ring.
  • Almarlea enters international markets.